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Wedding Party

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The ‘wedding party’ refers to all those special individuals who will help with the smooth running of your special day. The main members of the wedding party are considered to be the Mother and Father of the Bride, the Best Man, the Chief Bridesmaid and the Flower Girls. Often, a very special bond is built between members of the wedding party, as they are all working towards the common goal of making sure the bride and groom have the most fantastic day of their lives.

The embarrassing and affectionate Best Man speech, and the tendency for the Father of the Bride to foot the bill for the wedding are the well-known ‘duties’ of the wedding party. However, there are many other less well-known duties which every bride-to-be should be aware of. Clearly, there are no set rules about keeping these traditions alive; but having a wedding without a wedding party is a bit like having a Christmas dinner without any turkey. All the pages listed under the wedding party tab will offer guidance on understanding all of the traditional duties of each member of the wedding party. Moreover, this guide offers detailed descriptions of the traditional dress requirements for each member of the wedding party.

So, why not take a look through and start preparing a list of duties for the members of your wedding party? Although some of them may shirk away from the burden of responsibility to begin with, all will be forgotten when they are celebrating in style, with a slice of wedding cake and a glass of Moët on the Top Table.


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