The Wedding Florist

The trick is to find a florist who will make your dreams come true without blowing your budget. Word of mouth is usually a good start when finding out about a creative and reliable florist. Your family and friends will be happy to give their opinions but also ask for recommendations from your photographer and the staff at your venues. When you go to see them ask to look at photographs of their recent work and make sure their style suits your taste ask if they have any photographs of their work at your venue. You should expect to visit at least three florists to discuss your ideas before you find one you like. Bring along tear sheets of flowers that you like the look of, you won’t need to know the names but this will give the florist a good idea of your personal taste and what style of wedding you are going for. A good florist will be able to make suggestions that you love and that will suit your wedding but don’t be disheartened if they want to adapt your ideas slightly they will know what works well together, they’re the experts after all. On the other hand if they are suggesting a dramatic alternative that you’re not happy with or that is way over your budget then they’re probably not the one for you.

You should expect to pay around £500 for your wedding parties flowers and more if you are decorating your venue(s). Discuss payment options and arrangements for deliveries. Do they deliver to your home on the day and to the venues if required? Also ask when you will have to finalise all the flower choices and what the timetable for the flowers will be on the day.