Stag Do Best Man Duties

  • Do not allow any pranks at the stag do that involves razors. Beards and moustaches will not have time to grow back and the bride will certainly not thank you if her husband turns up to the wedding with only one eyebrow or none.
  • Never leave the groom alone at the end of the night if he is really drunk. It is your responsibility to get him home again safe and in one piece.
  • If you decide to include strippers in the stag night, and the groom starts to look too embarrassed then don’t let things go too far. He is supposed to enjoy his stag night and it is also your duty to make sure he does.
  • Keep your eyes open for people taking compromising pictures of the groom. Some people think this is funny and even funnier to hand them round at the reception, but prednisone I can pretty much guarantee you that the bride certainly wont see the funny side.
  • Lastly, the stag night party is going to consist of some people who do not know each other, as you will have friends, family and work colleagues so when planning what the stag night should be like, remember that getting them all out and doing something will break the ice better than sitting them nizagara all around a table.