Chief Bridesmaid

Although the number of bridesmaids at a wedding will vary, there will usually be one Chief Bridesmaid who will be responsible for making sure the Bride’s day is flawless. Indeed, the Chief Bridesmaid does more than just ruffle the veil and hold the bouquet; she will be there to support the bride physically and emotionally at all stages of the wedding, from traipsing round numerous wedding venues in the early days, to waving the couple off on their honeymoon after they’ve said ‘I do.’

When it comes to choosing your Chief Bridesmaid you will want to choose someone responsible and caring, who you can bounce ideas off effectively. For some Brides, the perfect candidate will be their sister or cousin, whereas, for others, the role may seem better suited to a close friend.

Whilst most people would jump at the chance of playing a key role in your wedding, it is always best to ask your intended Chief Bridesmaid well in advance, to check she is able to commit to the role. Seen as most Brides will start planning their wedding at least a year in advance, it is important to choose a Chief Bridesmaid who is able to be your right-hand woman throughout the whole planning process, as well as on the big day itself. A good place to start is to read-up on the associated duties of the Chief Bridesmaid on this website and then to ask your Chief Bridesmaid how she would feel about taking on this special role. If your chosen Chief Bridesmaid seems excited about even the menial tasks associated with the role, then seal the deal quickly, she’s definitely the one!

Thankfully, offending close friends or family need not be too much of a risk, as once you have chosen your Chief Bridesmaid, you can proceed with asking all the other important women in your life if they would like to be your Bridesmaids.