Highland Wedding Wear

More and more, both in and outside of Scotland, the kilt is becoming a very popular choice for grooms to get married in. There is a whole range of tartans to choose from and page-boy outfits. The full Highland dress can be bought or hired and within this theme you can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you like. Wearing your own family tartan (or that of a close relative) can be worn with Prince Charlie jacket and vest, this is probably the most popular choice however there are lots of additions and alternatives to this choice. Such as plaids, Argyll jackets, Jacobean shirts and tartan trews. The beautiful kilt pins, buckles and plaid brooches could make really nice gifts for your best man and ushers.

A kilt is worn with a sporran and fastened with a kilt pin; evening highland wear should be worn with a black tie and a wing collar. The skean-dhu is a traditional ceremonial dagger and is worn on your right leg if you are right handed and vice versa. Black-laced brogues should be worn tied up the legs over cream dress socks held up with garters and coloured flashes. The kilt should come just level with the tops of your knees.

For the really contemporary groom there is now an alternative kilt style. There are now kilt makers such as Edinburgh based 21st Century Kilts, who have completely revamped the traditional kilt. The kilts can now come in fabrics ranging from tweed, hemp and leather to silver snakeskin PVC and denim. So now you can wear a kilt but have it in any material you like and in any colour.