Castle Wedding

Scottish castles are famous throughout the world. Tourists come to visit them as do couples that want to get married in them. Castles were mostly built on high scenic locations so that the owners could watch for other clans or invaders. This then provides you with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape for your wedding photos. Most people assume that to get married in a castle will cost a fortune this however is not always the case. Castles vary in price depending on what services they offer. Some function as historical monuments, or hotels and some are owned by castle enthusiasts who lovingly look after them and maintain them.

If you choose to marry in a castle and you are planning on a big wedding, so will have lots of guests, you will have to take certain things into consideration when choosing which castle you would like. Although many castles fit into the requirements of picturesque and able to accommodate your guests, most castles were built for defence not entertaining so the rooms can in fact be quite small and even the great halls will not be as big as you may first imagine. However logistical problems can be solved in most cases and a castle can be one of the most memorable locations for a wedding.